• We are a GLBTQIA+ and friendly bowling league – the only one in the Greater Albuquerque area.
  • We are a fun league that believes bowling should be fun! We welcome all bowlers, regardless of skill, status, sexuality, gender, shape, size or age, pronouns, etc.
  • We are certified by the the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) and a member of the International Gay Bowling Organization (IGBO).

Our next season half began AUGUST 11, 2024.

ALL BOWLERS must attend the first nights meeting prior to beginning the season. This meeting begins at 4:30PM in the bowling house bar the first night with a roll call for everyone who has signed up for this half of the season.

  • We bowl every Sunday night at 6:00pm (minus some holidays – see SCHEDULE) for 16 weeks. League practice begins at 5:45pm with normal league play starting promptly after.
  • Teams consist of four people, with up to two alternates per team.  If you have a four person team already…great! If you need a team to join, we can help you with that as well.
  • Our league is constantly growing! When we began back in 2005, and had about 8 teams at 4 players each…a whole 32 bowlers total! While at our prior bowling house, we ended up filling the entire house at 32 teams by 2018. During our first season at Silva Lanes (Fall 2018), we topped out at 36 teams! That’s 144 total bowlers! We currently average about 28-32 teams per 16-week season half.
  • USBC Sanction Fee (required): $34 annually
    Everyone is required to be sanctioned through USBC (United States Bowling Congress). Renewable annual fee, due every August.
    Sanction fees can be paid online HERE. If you pay online, please bring a copy of your confirmation receipt the first night you bowl, or email it to us (snopresident1@gmail.com) so we can submit to our local association.
  • League Fee: $19* weekly for 16 weeks (cash** or check)
    If you want to pay for the entire season at one time, the amount is $304 (or $338 if you are also paying the USBC sanction fee). You can pay this the first night of league, by cash* or check made payable to “Sunday Night Out”.
    * This fee is voted on the first night of bowling and may change.
    ** You will receive change if you pay in cash over $19.00 (but less that $38.00), as we do not run balances per bowler.

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Albuquerque, NM 87111
(505) 298-5583

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2024 Officers and Administration

  • President: Vickie Creek
  • Vice President: Chuck Denny
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Wendy Crismore & Gina Belluso
  • Sergeant of Arms: Scott Till
  • IGBO Rep: Sandy Roberts (Gina Belluso, temporary)
  • Web/Social Media: Wendy Crismore