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Sunday Night Out League Rules

I. League Affiliation 

A. Sunday Night Out (SNO) bowling league is a United States Bowling Congress (USBC) certified league and is also a member of the International Gay Bowling Organization (IGBO). These league rules will govern league play. Any rules not covered in this format will be guided by the current USBC league rule book. The USBC Rule Book is available at

B. USBC certification fees are $30 per year (dues raised by local USBC chapter in 2017) and due annually at the beginning of the first half. Checks for USBC fees are to be made payable to: CNM USBC (Central New Mexico USBC). 

C. IGBO fees are based on the number of bowlers within the league. We pay this as a league once a year in October. For more information on IGBO please visit

II. League Information 

A. SNO is a mixed/handicap league and bowls on Sunday nights at 6:00pm.  Practice begins at 5:50pm.

B. Each team consists of a playing strength of four (4) members with up to two (2) alternates.

C. Standings based on a seven (7) point system. Two (2) points each game and one (1) point for total pins.

D. Management of league vested in a board of directors consisting of elected league officers and team captains.

i. A league officer may not be a team captain.

ii. Director Positions are a one year commitment.

1. All positions to be voted on at Awards and Fun night in December.

2. Open nominations, majority vote.

3. Team Captains vote on behalf of their teams.

iii. In case of voting tie, the deciding vote will be cast by the President of the league.

III. League Schedule  

A. Fall schedule – August-December.

B. Winter schedule – January-May.

IV. Averages/Handicaps 

A. ALL bowlers will establish or re-establish averages the first night of league bowling.

B. Handicap will be 100% of 225.

V. League Fees 

A. The weekly league fee is $17 per week and each team member is responsible for paying weekly.

B. Team captains are responsible for collecting fee from each team member, placing into pay envelope and turning into secretary/treasurer by end of first game.   

C. Any bowler in arrears by two weeks will cause forfeiture of their team’s games. NO exceptions. Bowler(s) in arrears more than two weeks may not bowl until all past due amounts are paid. 

D. If a team utilizes a substitute bowler, it is the responsibility of the absent bowler to pay the weekly fee NOT the substitute.  This does not apply to individuals listed as alternates on the team roster.  Alternates are responsible for league fees when they are sitting in for a ‘regular’ bowler.

E. Breakdown of weekly fee of $17:

  • Lineage: $13.50
  • Prize Fund: $2.80
  • Secretary/Treasurer: $0.40 
  • IGBO Fund: $0.10
  • Contingency: $0.10 
  • Rocky Mountain Regional: $0.05  
  • IGBO Rep Travel Assistance: $0.05  

F. The last two weeks of each session must be paid by the sixth week of each session.   

i. Section 5.c. will apply to the section F. as well.

VI. Prize Fund 

A. Awards and prizes awarded at the end of each half.

B. Position standings based on total points. All team positions to receive a payout based on approved prize fund.

C. Prize fund is based on the number of teams bowling the specific half.

i. A permanent prize fund was approved in 2014 and will be utilized every half.  Total payouts are based on the actual number of teams bowling.

D. Awards are as follows: Team Handicap and Scratch-series and game; Individual (Male & Female) Handicap and Scratch, series and game.

i. Bowlers may only win in one prize category from the above list.

ii. For an individual to be eligible for an award, the individual must bowl two-thirds (2/3) of the scheduled games for the half, as a regular member of a team (not a substitute bowler).

E. Additional awards presented are Highest League Average, Male and Female and Most Improved Bowler, Male and Female.  These awards are eligible for the above prizes as well.

VII. Accounting of Fees 

A. All monies collected will be deposited into SNO’s league banking account by Thursday of each week.

B. Cash and/or checks accepted for league fees.  Checks are to be made payable to Sunday Night Out or SNO.

i. Returned check fee of $25 assessed on returned checks.

C. Rocky Mountain Regional fee is to be paid at the end of each half.

D. IGBO representative travel assistance, section V.E., will be paid out at the end of the half, if the IGBO representative travels to an IGBO event.

i. Representative will need to provide copy of registration receipt.

ii. If the money is not used during the first half, it will roll-over to the second half prize fund.

E. IGBO yearly association fee is based on the number of bowlers in league and will be determined at renewal in October of each year.

VIII. Team Information 

A. Legal lineup consists of two eligible team members present at the beginning of the first game to avoid forfeiture.

B. Tardy bowlers permitted to bowl, provided the first bowler of the opposing team has not bowled the third frame in any game.

C. Absentee score recorded as the bowler’s average minus ten (10) pins.

D. Vacancy score will be 120.

E. Any team bowling unopposed (ghost team), or if an opposing team forfeits, must bowl at least the team average minus forty (40) pins per game in order to win the points

F. Substitutes may be used in league play in place of an absent bowler position

i. Not eligible for team and/or individual awards

ii. May not be added or bowl in the last two weeks of league bowling and position rounds, if they have not previously bowled a minimum of twelve (12) games during the regular half.

IX. Pre-Bowling and Post-Bowling 

A. Pre-bowling is permitted up to two weeks in advance of absence.

i. One (1) Post-bowl is allowed per each half of season.

ii. Teams have one week (Sunday to Sunday) to make up the game. If game is not completed in that time frame. Points will be forfeited.

iii. Post-bowling for position rounds is not permitted.

B. To arrange for pre or post-bowling the team captain must:

i. Make arrangements with Silva Lanes.

ii. Notify league secretary of time and date. (Notify Here)

C. Any teams failing to follow guidelines on pre and post bowling will forfeit those games.

Note: As of the 2012/2013 season, these league rules have been permanently adopted.
August 4, 2013:  Approved by Executive Committee and returning team captains.
August 4, 2014:  Revisions approved by Executive Committee and returning team captains.
August 2017:  Revisions approved by Executive Committee and returning team captains.
August 2018: Revisions to reflect new bowling house.


2018 Officers

  • President: Bob Uebel (Sept 2018)
  • Vice President: Scott Till (Sept 2018)
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Andrea Baca (Oct 2018)
  • Sergeant of Arms: Peggy Walden
  • IGBO Rep: Greg Frey

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