The Spring half of our 2011-2012 season starts Sunday, January 8th, 2012, at 6:00pm at Holiday Bowl at 7515 Lomas NE.

We are a GLBT and GLBT-friendly bowling league – the only one in town. We are a fun league that believes bowling should be fun! You do not have to be a good bowler…we welcome all bowlers regardless of skill level. You just have the desire to have fun and laugh a lot! We had 14 teams this past half (Fall 2011),  consisting of 56 bowlers. We would love to increase our numbers this next half! Teams consist of four bowlers, and up to two alternates. We are a mixed co-ed league, teams consist of all men, all women and some even mixed up.

New bowlers are welcome to join at this time! If you have a team (4) or would like to join a current team, we would love to see you! Want more info? Contact Gina Belluso here!

To find out more visit our FAQ page!