Hello, SNO Bowlers! The Chuck Heidbrink Fellowship Award was initiated in 2010 and presented in 2011 to Chuck Heidbrink, as the founder of our Sunday Night Out bowling league here in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  This award is presented every year at our TART Awards Banquet to a bowler that has enriched the Bowling Community and exemplifies the IGBO (International Gay Bowling Organization) Values of Unity, Fellowship and Communication.

The Albuquerque Roadrunner Tournament (TART) was September 14-16th,
and we accepted nominations from both TART and SNO bowlers.

The 2012 winner of the Chuck Heidbrink Fellowship Award is Deb Feigh!

Congratulations to Deb! She gives so much time & effort back to the bowling community and works tirelessly in her TART tournament fundraising efforts, which in turn raises money for Luvin Labs Rescue…she definitely is deserving of this award!

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Previously Nominated Award Recipients

2012 – Deb Feigh
2011 – Gina Belluso
2010 – Chuck Heidbrink (presented 2011)