If you are interested in joining, please read the details below.

Individual and team sign up form options are near the bottom of this page.


Our league bowls on Sunday evenings at 6pm at Silva Lanes on Eubank and Candelaria.

We are a social league and love having new people join! Trust us, your skill level is not important! Only your willingness to have a good time and meet new people! And we have fun! You can join as a regular on a team, or with a team or a substitute, whichever is your preference.


Sanction Fees:

  • Everyone is required to be sanctioned through USBC-United States Bowling Congress. The current annual cost is $34.00 (An annual fee, renewable every August.)
  • If you bowled in the August through December ​season, you will not re-sanction (or pay again) until next August 2023.

League Fee: $18 weekly for 16 weeks of league play.


Entire season at once:

  • $288.00 (16 weeks of bowling @ $18/week)
  • $322 if you are also paying the USBC sanction fee


  • $18.00 (cash* or check made payable to “Sunday Night Out” or “SNO”)
    *You will receive change if you pay in cash over $18, but less $36.00, as we do not run balances per bowler.

3010 Eubank Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111
(505) 298-5583


All-League Meeting (all bowlers)
January 8, 2023 (first night of bowling)
4:30 pm
Silva Lanes Bar


Regular practice every Sunday begins at 5:45pm and league play starts at 6:00pm.


If you would like to be placed on a team, ​we can usually accommodate you, or if you prefer to substitute on only certain Sundays you are available, ​we can usually fulfill that request as well.

If you are a substitute, you are not responsible for the weekly league fee of $18, however you will still need to be sanctioned by USBC ($34.00 annual fee).

If you are a sub, and would like to bowl on a specific Sunday, there is often a team that needs a sub due to an absent bowler. Unfortunately, ​we​ don’t always know ahead of time, so you may have to show up that Sunday to the bowling alley at 5:45pm. If ​we​ have a team that needs a sub, ​we ​can place you on their team for that evening should the team want a sub.

Our league is also associated with our annual bowling tournament, The Albuquerque Roadrunner Tournament, and as such, we take part in monthly/semi-monthly fun bowls. These are social, non-league events at various bowling houses across Albuquerque to promote the tournament. Anyone LGBTQIA+ friendly is welcome! Cost is between $15-18 per person and includes three games, shoe rental and house ball use, if needed.

2023 Officers and Administration:

  • President: Vickie Creek
  • Vice President: Scott Till
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Wendy Crismore & Gina Belluso
  • Sergeant of Arms: Karyn Coffey
  • IGBO Rep: Sandy Roberts
  • Web/Social Media: Wendy Crismore

To contact any of our officers, please use our Contact Form. Thank you.